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Clinical Apps

App: AMD Prevention

It allows to know the individual risk of developing AMD.

App: Oncology treatment adjustment

Prediction of the risk of serious adverse effects induced by oncological treatments.

App: Cancer relapse prediction

Predicting the risk of relapse in cancer patients.

AMD prevention


Adjustment of
treatment oncology


Prediction of
relapse cancer


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Latest success stories...

Toxicity adjustment app

Advanced mathematics applied to real world data

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Prevention development AMD

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Relapse prediction app for resectable or borderline pancreatic cancer

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Machine Learning in aid of Parkinson's diagnosis

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OTC effectiveness study

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Projects funded

of which we are a part:


AIROB: Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics solutions for complex industrial environments.

“The “AIROB” Project has been financed by the Government of Navarra”.


MINERVA II:  Personalized Cardiorenal Medicine in Navarra

“The “MINERVA II” Project has been financed by the Government of Navarra”.


REINFORCE: Artificial intelligence platform for cancer toxicity and recurrence prediction.

“The “REINFORCE” Project has been financed by the Government of Navarra”.


GLUCOCAPS:  Zein nanoparticles for blood glucose control. 

“The “GLUCOCAPS” Project has been financed by FEDER”.


TRE:  Identification of genetic and epigenetic patterns of response to intermittent fasting in people with obesity

“The “TRE” Project has been financed by FEDER”.

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