We enjoy finding
key solutions and applications.

We support the dissemination of your results in different environments

We have applications in oncology, ophthalmology and pharmacometry that we can show.

Develop mathematical algorithms to know what will happen to your patients
and incorporate this knowledge into a software/application to ensure their use.

The needs of the clinical environment have led us to advance in this field. Thus, researchers from all fields will be able to use all the knowledge generated, so that, in an intuitive and visual way, they can easily exploit all the results obtained.
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Advantages of developing clinical support Apps

for professionals who use them in their daily clinical practice


Adjusting treatments

Through the integration of several variables significantly related to drug metabolism.

Predicting drug toxicities

Because we allow them to know with a high degree of certainty the individual risk of serious toxicities.

Early detection of pathologies

This can lead to early initiation of treatment and have a favorable impact on the prognosis.


Enabling the clinician to provide recommendations to the patient based on the risk of developing the disease.

Complementary Services

Our products

Collection and management of clinical data

Machine Learning for clinical data


Other products

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Customized Apps for clinical support.
We exploit research data and create and create Apps for the use of results.
Custom design specialists.