We enjoy transforming clinical data
into practical solutions tailored to your patients.

Customized clinical support apps

Custom design specialists, we have processes, methodology and service levels adapted to each client’s situation,
enabling us to deliver high value tools.

We pool information to generate knowledge that improves routine patient care.

Main services

Collection and management
of clinical data for the development of your project.

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Machine Learning e Inteligencia Artificial a tu disposición

Analysis and interpretation of clinical data

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Applicability and
dissemination of your results


We analyze your needs and apply our method to reach the ideal solution.

We approach your project from a different perspective.



We sit down with the client, listen to their needs and take note of all the details. We define the objectives to be achieved with the research, adjusting them to the specific needs and resources.

Proposal of work

After an exhaustive analysis of the client’s objectives and available resources, we make a series of customized proposals.



Solution implementation

We develop the tasks according to the achievement of the defined objectives to ensure that the client can make the most of the results obtained.


We perform two validations of the solution, one internal and one with the client, to ensure that it is suitable for the clinician and the research needs.




We provide the client with the solution on time. We carry out the interpretations and the necessary follow-up for a complete understanding, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Do it all as never before

Ad-hoc Project Types

AMD Prevention App

App Cancer Relapse Prediction

Machine Learning in Parkinson's classification

I want to see it!

Advanced mathematics in clinical trials

You propose the objective, we make it happen.

We believe in people

 We believe that ideas can become realities if we combine talent, demand and creativity.


Our diversity is enriching, it shows, and our customers appreciate it.

Doctors of:   
   – Pharmacometrics

   – Neuroscience and cognition
   – Mathematics

They combine their work with that of graduates in pharmacy, physics, biology, computer science and pedagogy to develop the full potential of our products and services.
With a great passion for a job well done and excellence as the main value of our projects, we look for the best way to help our clients achieve their goals.

We enjoy what we do,
that's why we get to do important things.

NOur essence as data analysts is focused on the clinical environment, which is why NNBi was our first business brand and with which our purest essence is identified. Due to the wide applicability of the world of data analysis, and the diverse business park in which we find ourselves, we expanded our business, creating the following brands NNBipharma y NNBiclinic, product focused divisions.

Business brands

Shall we talk about your project?

Either way, we can adapt!

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Customized Apps for clinical support.
We exploit research data and create and create Apps for the use of results.
Custom design specialists.