Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
applied to clinical data.

Clinical data analysis and interpretation

With the most appropriate state-of-the-art mathematical techniques
for each study or research study or research

We offer an optimal service for the exploitation of large and varied volumes of information, generated by researchers, hospitals, laboratories or research centers, in a secure way, allowing to make the most of the knowledge generated.

1. Machine Learning

Promotes the development of personalized medicine.
It allows the creation of predictive models learning from previously studied patients, helping the specialist to anticipate different different situations.

3. Big Data

It integrates gigantic and varied amounts of information, achieving a more efficient, personalized personalized, participative, predictive, preventive, and population preventive, and population-based medicine.

5. Dimension Reduction

Fundamental techniques to exploit databases typical clinical databases, with a large number of variables variables and few cases or patients to study.

2. Pharmacometric (popPK/PD)

Mathematical modeling and simulation techniques
(Technique for creating virtual patients) recommended by the FDA to characterize, understand and predict the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs.

4. Bioinformatics (Omics)

It interrogates the genome, transcriptome, proteome, etc. to discover changes responsible response to drugs/treatments or the onset and development of development of diseases.

6. Deep Learning

Using complex neural networks, it is possible to model high-level abstractions (such as images), process them and detect or classify clinical anomalies.

Deliver interpreted data. Deliver a solution

We are aware that our clients do not need to know about data and that data does not speak for itself. For this reason, we deliver, in addition to the results obtained, a detailed report with the interpretations of the same.

This ensures that our clients obtain the solution to their objective and understand the significant results of their research. This ensures that we deliver a solution and achieve your maximum satisfaction.

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Benefits of working with us

For the mastery in the use and interpretation of these techniques:

We promote the personalization of medicine

Through individual risk prediction of serious clinical events.

We contribute to better decision making

Thanks to this, we are able to have an idea of what is going to happen in the future.

We promote efficiency:
Cost and time savings

You will be one step ahead, achieving better management both economically and in terms of resources and time.

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